...and then you have your socks blown off. 
A delicious two course evening...  after hearing what composer Rick Burkhardt can make from singing wineglasses and a scraping fork, we feel better prepared for the exquisite musicality of his text.  Elegantly weird... virtuosic performers.

Helen Shaw
Time Out New York  (full review here)


Crazy, densely layered, absurd....  Masterful acting, impeccable timing, beautiful language and magical sound effects — a book will literally talk — plus moments that are completely weird....  It's hard to keep your eyes or ears off it.  Must see!

Richard Chin
Twin Cities Pioneer Press


Thrilling performances... spiked with intense shots of satire.  Through precise delivery and the sheer force of their concept and subject material, [the Nonsense Company] captivate their audience even as they disorient it.

Ronni Reich
Backstage New York


Extremely funny, clever, literate, engrossing, and absurd, carefully orchestrated chaos that made for fantastic entertainment.

K. Ross Hoffman
Philadelphia City Paper


Unlike anything you've seen before....  One of the most hysterically frightening works of theater this year.

Aaron Riccio
New Theater Corps NYC (full review here)


Remarkable.... exemplifies what indie/fringe theatre is supposed to be.... hilariously funny and awesomely tragic at the same time... Our eyes and ears remain open and aware despite the disorientation.  [The Nonsense Company] prove themselves artists to be reckoned with in this, their New York debut. We need them to come back with more of their work.

Martin Denton


Thank God they’re back.  These guys are amazing... talented, informed, politically savvy and artistically versatile... funny, smart, enormously entertaining.   They’re a must see.  As they always are.  (They’re probably the only out of towners we should ban for making us locals look bad.   But then, if we did, we’d miss such great theater.  Aw, let them in, and keep challenging us to up our game, I say.)

Matthew Everett
Twin Cities Daily Planet


Arguably the fiercest little stinger of chamber theater in NYC today.

Ethan Stanislawksi
Culture magazine online  (full review here)


[Madison] rarely witnesses a company taking so many elaborately conceived risks on its own terms, or with such immediacy, as The Nonsense Company.  Rick Burkhardt, Andy Gricevich, and Ryan Higgins create shows that expand the perspectives and materials of theater, twitching from one vantage point to another, from ghastly grandeur to snips of irony.

Scott Gordon
The Onion AV Club


One of the most interesting concerts of the Darmstadt festival...  The Nonsense Company [presented] one of the most solid, free and critical aesthetic propositions, a reproof to the vast majority of ensembles that performed at Darmstadt....  Rick Burkhardt’s theatrical work ‘Great Hymn of Thanksgiving’ was a splendid corrective to the aesthetic establishment, a work which self-reflectively thematizes the common aspects of sonorities while placing them in doubt and questioning their function.

Alberto Bernal


Critics pick.  The most memorable theatrical event of 2006....  Audaciously antitheatrical....  The group's political smarts give a harrowing urgency to the play's ferocious cynicism.  Three cheers for the alienation effect.

Justin Hayford
Chicago Reader


Moving, funny, and provocative... theater at its best.

Joey Seiler
Austin 360


Strange and compelling pieces.... introspective, recursive, highly charged.... stunningly choreographed into visual theater as well as an aural melange.

Dave Romm
Shockwave Radio, KFAI Minneapolis


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