The Nonsense Company
Storm Still for three actors, with live music and tape (2009) *

Rick Burkhardt
Ave Maria for two actors, tape, and strobe light (1998)
Simulcast for two speaking percussionists (2002)
Great Hymn of Thanksgiving for three speaking percussionists (2003) *
The Climb Up Mount Chimborazo for three actors, tape, and candles (2005) *
Conversation Storm for three actors and tape (2006) *
Song Without Words
for accordion, harmonica, prepared guitar, and ukelele (2007) *
Song of the Rail Crew for voice, ukelele, banjo, and slinky pop tubes (2007) *

Lisa Fay
Napse for actor with microphone in mouth (2005) *

Helmut Lachenmann
Guero for piano (1970)
Ein Kinderspiel for piano (1980)

Susan Parenti
The Poet Retracts for two actors (1990)

Robert Phillips
Mapuana ma kekahi for voices, lap steel guitar, ukelele, percussion, and turntable (2007) *

Wallace Shawn
The Designated Mourner for three actors (1996)

Steven Kazuo Takasugi
Strange Autumn for actor, percussionist, tape, and projected sound (2004)

Matthew Test
The Jesus Fields for three actors (2006)

Robert Wannamaker
Micrography for guitar, piano, percussion, and amplified devices (2004) *

* composed for the Nonsense Company