Storm Still


Outside an abandoned school, a war rages.

Inside, three kids have been performing an
unsupervised rendition of King Lear for years.

Further inside, the mad King debates
the purpose of theater with his Fool,
a licensed therapist.

"A crazy, densely layered,
absurd riff on King Lear.... 
Masterful acting, impeccable timing,
beautiful language and magical sound effects
— a book will literally talk —
plus moments that are completely weird.... 
It's hard to keep your eyes or ears off it. 
Must see!"

Richard Chin, Twin Cities Pioneer Press

"Razor-sharp dissections of youth, power, and purpose.... 
If you ever thought your therapist was a fool,
wait until you see this."

The Onion, Minneapolis

“Erudite, intelligently acted, highly theatrical....
recalls the hermetic, stream-of-consciousness
quality of children at play.”

AJ Mell, Backstage New York

Created by the Nonsense Company:
Ryan Higgins, Rick Burkhardt, Andy Gricevich

"The concept is fascinating and allows
Burkhardt, Gricevich, and Higgins to roam
through their source material with a genuine
guileless innocence, mispronouncing and
misunderstanding words and groping
wrongheadedly with adult concepts within
the play even as they apply the miraculous
ingenuity of the young to stage the classic
text with only three actors....  The skill of these
three is nonpareil: Burkhardt, Gricevich, and
Higgins are consummate actors, musicians,
and physical comedians, and their work here
is breathtaking in its precision."

Martin Denton,

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